My backyard is a place where my family and our neighbors leave food and water for the homeless cats in our neighborhood. This has been an ongoing effort for many years now, with three of our neighbors donating food, and there are plenty of cats we call our “regulars.”

Anyway, there’s usually at least one cat in our backyard, but yesterday was the first time we found one sitting in the tree. I’m grateful our yard is a safe place for these guys!

This is for a school project!

We’re supposed to buy a styrofoam head and a bunch of colorful pins in order to create a model for all the acupuncture points the face, neck, and head.

However, I ran into an obstacle. I couldn’t find all the colored pins I needed, even after checking 6 different discount stores. When I mentioned this to Bea, she suggested I use nail polish - which turned out to be a brilliant idea! I’m grateful for Bea’s advice, because that’s what really helped me get this project going.

I think I learned the most so far at yesterday’s clinic shift than I had in any shift so far. I’ve learned:

-how to massage a fractured rib
-how to use a quick orthopedic exercise to make someone’s shoulders drop in less than a minute.
-how to do the same to open up the chest
-how to find trigger points on the adductors
-how to use thera-bands

And I had my youngest client yet - a 12-year-old girl! She was there with her dad, and she was the most adorable little ballet dancer on the face of the earth.

I’ve also been learning how to treat fibromyalgia patients, since I’ve treated two women with it on Friday, as well as TMJ disorder and lockjaw patients.

I’m just really grateful and excited to be learning everything that I am!

The Zach Braff gratitude posts continue to commence. I finally got to see “Wish I Was Here” Zach’s new film - and damn it hit in all the feels. Zach as a filmmaker is one of the few artists that hit an emotional nerve that I resonate with more than almost any other writer and certainly director. I think he just gets it, and even though the movie isn’t perfect (it can get a bit heavy handed) it’s still better than almost anything else out there right now.

The best part was that after the movie Zach came for the Q&A! I was really upset originally because only backers who paid $100 got special screenings with Zach, but because Union Square is where he lives now, he decided to do a special two night Q&A (each night after after his Broadway show performance) . It was just wonderful to hear him speak in person. He has such a great intelligence and wit that was wonderful to see unfold in front of my eyes. It was fascinating to hear his take on the crumbling movie industry in so far as support goes for smaller projects. 

My absolute favorite thing he said during the Q&A (and maybe ever) was that he considers the word “no to be just a punctuation until the word yes” referring to all the rejection he faced throughout his career and how he still managed to persevere and see his projects through. It was really inspiring to hear because I really relate to that struggle as much as anyone in the arts can. His movie “Garden State” is practically the reason I majored in film in the first place - so I blame Zach. 

Unfortunately the lighting was shit so I couldn’t get a good shot of Zach but I highly recommend seeing “Wish I Was Here”! It’s so funny and so poignant and really a great film no matter what genre you’re into, it really encompasses everything.

(Source: 365days-of-gratitude)

Been sculpting skin all day and im grateful being able to get the practice

Grateful for NYC sunsets, especially in the summer. I love when the lights turn on in the buildings and it shimmers and twinkles in the twilight.  And watching it from almost any point is gorgeous between the sky changing colors and the water that surrounds the city really makes it a breathtaking view. Sometimes you gotta stop what you’re doing and enjoy it. 

I was really devastated by the passing of Broadway legend Elaine Stritch. Being such a Broadway baby myself, even though I never had the chance to see her live, so much of her work has been documented throughout the years and I was a big fan. She was a great muse for Sondheim, and she made every role absolutely her own. She was completely a one-of-a-kind, take-it-or-leave-it brash broad. She never stopped performing either up until the end. Also she was hilarious on 30 Rock as Jack Donaghy’s mother Colleen. I celebrated her life the night she died by watching her documentary that had just recently came out and is currently on Netflix, “Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me” it really gave great perspective on her later years in life and her perseverance to just keep going despite the obstacles that old age, diabetes, and lost love bring.

I’d like to propose a toast, Elaine - this vodka stinger’s for you. 

I love little kids who can have a lot of fun from simple things. This little guy was enchanted by the fountain for a good while, running around and getting excited from the water mixing in with the wind.

This eye liner is AMAZING!!!!! Its like a gel pen with a silicone tip. You twist the end, and some gel comes out and you can shape your eyeliner. Very dramatic, very easy, very smooth. I LOVE it!!!