I went for the first time in my life to Governors Island. I’ve passed by it my entire life taking the Staten Island Ferry, always wondering what exactly was there. Yesterday I finally found out. It was a really quiet and inspiring place with spectacular views of the New York City skyline including the newly finished Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty. There was bike rentals for bike riding, but half of the island is closed off due to construction so you could easily walk around everywhere without a bike. There was also tons of food trucks and this weekend had the Poetry Festival. The best part for me was all the art. There’s the famous Sculpture Garden (as you can see by the giraffe) where I’m pretty sure The New York City Council helps support artists in residence and allows for their art to be placed around the island. Plus there were all these old buildings because it used to be an old sailors village - that had art galleries for free that you could check out, plus cute shops and historical museums. It was such a cool and chill way to spend a Sunday and a really great hidden gem of the city. I highly recommend it. 

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I’m grateful for the positive messages you can find throughout the city.

For the last few weeks I’ve been giving orthopedic sports massages to ballet and contemporary dancers at my internship. And Friday, I got to go see these dancers actually perform on stage! It was pretty incredible seeing 14 live performances, with really brilliant choreography and wickedly talented performers. I’m grateful I got a free ticket and got to see what these dancers can do!

Today I was tasked for the first time ever to write the script for the Profiles TV Show co-host and I couldn’t of gotten a more important guest to write about. Actress Lee Grant is definitely a Hollywood legend. She was nominated for Best Actress and Supporting Actress Academy Awards four times. She was blacklisted for 12 years in Hollywood and was one of the few who managed to make a career comeback. And after she won her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1975 film “Shampoo” starring Warren Beatty, she became one of the first female directors in Hollywood. She is still one of the few female directors in Hollywood in what she describes as a “boy’s club” for directing which is almost impossible to penetrate. She has done a lot of important documentary’s and her film “Down and Out in America” went on to win the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award. She’s someone who my inner film-school nerd was incredibly honored to meet, and I was fortunate enough to tell her how inspired I’ve been by her career and how important her work has been for women in film. Grateful for her perseverance in the face of adversity and being a pioneer in an industry that has a hard time accepting change. 

Happy with how my first batch of my Toulous-Lautrec pendants came out (for the Toulous-Lautrec exhibit next February at the Crockert Art Museum). The second batch have proven to be much more difficult due to the fact that I’m working with materials I’ve never worked with before. My hope is that people buy every last one of them, for that I would be eternally grateful. 

Im grateful i did not die. This guy came on the train, opened his composition notebook and showed a sketch of hell. He yelled some words (not sure if it was English?) and had a full backpack. I thought he was gonna pull out a gun and shoot everyone.

I’m grateful for stumbling upon this yoga event today. Lots of peaceful, happy vibes.

I went a little crazy as I often do making impulse purchases online. But I saw these shoes today and knew I had to have them. They go perfectly with a dress that I was already planning to wear to the premiere of the anti-bullying documentary, “Stop Bullying Today" (whenever we happen to finish that film) and they were only $40 with shipping! I knew I had to have them asap even if I have no clue how I will possibly walk in them…they have freakin butterflies on them so I know I will be ok.

If you want your own pair, there’s still time to grab them at Tidebuy.com, or just click this link

I started this week’s long and labourous project of making 80 pendents for Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California for their upcoming Toulous-Lautrec exhibit next February. I’m trying to do 40 at a time, with 8 different types of pendants , 6 of which will be exclusively sold through the museum. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to completing them all sometime soon. 

If you can’t make it to California, check out the Toulous-Lautrec necklaces I currently sell on Etsy

Homemade bruschetta by me. Doesn’t have a cool story, but this is definitely something I appreciate. :)